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Welcome to Impact! The excitement is growing as we pursue God's unfolding plan and purpose for Champion Forest Baptist Church. We have a wonderful history as a church on mission for Christ, faithfully reaching people for Him for over 35 years. God has caused us to grow both spiritually and numerically, often in spite of obstacles and challenges along the way. When faced with those challenges, Champion Forest has continually said: "Yes! We will do whatever it takes to continue reaching people for Christ." And God has faithfully blessed that response with continued increase.

Oh, there are so many people out there that do not have a mission, do not know where to go in their lives, and have no direction. This church can be the beacon to serve as the direction for their families, to come to the Lord and have fellowship.Charles and Alrene Hall
55+ Adult Couple

Once again, we face a challenging decision. Having reached our capacities in parking and in education and discipleship space, we must again answer the question: "Will we do whatever it takes to keep reaching people for Christ?" On January 20th, the church answered with a resounding "Yes!" In essence, we said: "We will go forward, we will provide the space, we will continue reaching people for Jesus!" It was an exciting day and I know the Lord was pleased with the positive response from His people and from our hearts.

Now the question falls to you and to me as members of Champion Forest Baptist Church. Obviously, a church can only do what its members are willing to do. This project won't be possible if it is "someone else's" responsibility. Each of us must find our place and do our part. Each of us must make an Impact with our lives and with the resources God has and will provide. My answer? Without reservation, my answer is "Yes!" I pray you will respond with a confident and faith-filled "yes" as well, so that together we can make an Impact for Him, for every generation. This is going to be an incredible journey of faith. Join us, and see what the Lord will do as He continues to provide the increase.

With You in His Certain Victory!!!

Pastor David